Find Your Balance

Aantara provide a unique and personalised wellness and fitness practise incorporating partner yoga, AcroYoga (acrobatic yoga) and Thai massage.

Available to anyone, no prior experience is necessary to improve your fitness, health and wellbeing.  Partner yoga and acrobatics allow couples to explore movement, develop a deeper connection and celebrate new shared skills.

Acroyoga couple meditation

Wellness Retreats

The integrative and complementary practises we present; partner yoga, partner acrobatics and Thai massage,  nourish and support your mind, body and soul.  Our exclusive retreats combine these practises, using the sense of touch to invite a more enriching and fun approach to fitness.

Kids AcroYoga Classes

After school sessions in Brighton for kids aged 7-17 offer fun warmup games, strength and flexibility exercises and safe, accessible acrobatic tricks.  Ofsted registered, fully insured teachers guide pupils through a range of conditioning & fitness exercises to develop the coordination and strength needed for acrobatics.

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