Partner Acrobatics, arabesque pose
Alison Hadley

Dr. Alison Hadley

Partner Acrobatics Teacher
Doctorate in Neuroscience and stress management
Degree in Nursing

Since starting gymnastics  and acrobatics as a child, Alison has maintained a lifelong love of movement and fitness.  Discovering AcroYoga in 2013 reignited her passion for partner practise and she has been developing her skills and training ever since.

Alison has taught throughout the education system, from preschool to university lecturing.

Recently graduating from Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training programme, Alison is now exclusively working to share her skills and passion.

Lee Evans MSc.

Partner Acrobatics Teacher
Masters Degree in Business Systems Analysis & Design

As a founder and Director of Eko UK Limited, Lee has developed a successful Information Technology company.  Realising a physical need for movement,  he started yoga in 2009 which quickly led to the partner practise of AcroYoga.  For the past 4 years he has dedicated all his spare time to learning and developing his acrobatics skills.

“Working intensively in a high stress job takes it’s toll on your body and mind. Partner acrobatics has brought an essential balance to my lifestyle and is a perfect complement to modern living.”

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