Verena & John Rea

Dates: Friday 3rd April & Saturday 4th April 2020
Location: Brighton Ki Center & Stanley Deason Leisure Centre
Included: Standing Acrobatics, dynamic throws, and high lifts.
Investment: £75

Verena Lanena and Aantara Acrobatics have teamed up to bring you a weekend of fun.

Verena is is one of Europes top acrobats, mainly specialised in H2H Acrobatics and Standing Acro. She will be giving 3 open level workshops so everybody is welcome. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from her amazing experience.

Workshop 1 Friday 6-9 Icarian Games and 1-2-1 coaching

All Levels Welcome

The session will introduce you to Icarian Games where flyers are being tossed in the air. We’ll go step by step, keep it safe, technical and focus on what’s important. If you are already familiar with Icarian,  Verena can give you a challenge.

There will also be one hour of guided free training where you can get advice on any topic (not just Icarian).

Workshop 2 Saturday 12:30-2:30 Icarian Flying Fun

Catching some airtime

Catching some airtime

Let’s start the day with some fun. We’re going to use different techniques to give the flyers some airtime, like thigh throws, double pitching, Banquine etc which anyone can base.  The weight will be distributed between different bases. So even if you have literally no experience with dynamics don’t worry, we will go step by step and keep it it accessible for everyone.

We may also add some easier entries into common Duo tricks.

Workshop 3 Saturday 3:30-5:30pm Standing Acrobatics (H2H and Podczeska)

Verena Extended Hand2Hand in the desert

Verena Extended Hand2Hand in the desert

The Workshop will focus on various skills that you will need in Standing Acrobatics. No matter if you’re already working on H2H or just learning it, in this Workshop we will work on H2H grip, base position and the ominous “rolling” that the flyer has to do in order to succeed with tricks like podsechka etc. We’ll see where your issues lie and fix it. But this workshop will not exclusively focus on H2H but also on other tricks that are valuable to progress in your Acro game.

All 3 Workshops £75
2 Workshops £60
1 Workshop £30

Please pay Alison Hadley:-
S/C: 08-90-66
A/C: 05152597

And email to confirm your place.

or use the PayPal link below.

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    Your Hosts

    Verena Lanena

    📍 Teaching Acro in Dresden and around the world
    💃 Tango & Salsa dancer
    🏋️ Climber

    Find her on Insta

    or FB:

    Dr. Alison Hadley

    Partner Acrobatics Teacher
    Doctorate in Neuroscience and stress management
    Degree in Nursing

    Since starting gymnastics  and acrobatics as a child, Alison has maintained a lifelong love of movement and fitness.  Discovering AcroYoga in 2013 reignited her passion for partner practise and she has been developing her skills and training ever since.

    Alison has taught throughout the education system, from preschool to university lecturing.

    A graduate of the Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training, Alison is now exclusively working to share her skills and passion.

    Lee Evans Msc.

    Partner Acrobatics Coach

    For the past 5 years Lee has dedicated himself to training and developing his acroyoga and basing skills.  He brings a light hearted approach with attention to detail and will help you develop your practise and refine your technique.

    “Partner acrobatics has brought an essential balance to my lifestyle and is a perfect complement to modern living. I love teaching and sharing what we’ve learnt and seeing others achieve things they never thought possible.”

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