Hand 2 Hand, Hand 2 Foot and Hand 2 Elbow

Posted by Acro Bart on Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Dates: Friday 31st Jan, Saturday 1st February & 2nd February 2020
Location: Brighton Ki Center (Friday Evening) & Stanley Deason Leisure Center (Saturday & Sunday)
Included: Standing Acrobatics
Investment: £100

The great Bart Venne from Holland is coming to Brighton for a weekend of acrobatics.
Bart has been teaching acro for over 20 years. He has a wealth of experience and is guaranteed to bring fun, challenges, refine your skills and leave you wanting more.
He organizes acrobatics conventions and teaches across Europe. He studied a Masters in Molecular Life Sciences and worked in a hospital, but his heart was always with acrobatics. His teaching ethos is that everyone should have fun. He finds it equally important to recognize what works in a trick, as well pointing out what could use a little ‘improvement’

Full weekend £100
2 Workshops / 1 day £60
1 Workshop / ½ day £40

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Alison Hadley:-
S/C 08-90-66
A/C 05152597

And email acro@aantara.com to confirm your place.

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Your Hosts

Acro Bart

Acro Bart

With acrobats for parents Bart has done acrobatics for as long as he can remember. He began training under professional acrobatics trainers when he was 16. He holds regular acrobatic classes in his home town, teaches at acrobatics festivals, and gives workshops across Europe, the US and Russia.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bart.venne

Dr. Alison Hadley

Partner Acrobatics Teacher
Doctorate in Neuroscience and stress management
Degree in Nursing

Since starting gymnastics  and acrobatics as a child, Alison has maintained a lifelong love of movement and fitness.  Discovering AcroYoga in 2013 reignited her passion for partner practise and she has been developing her skills and training ever since.

Alison has taught throughout the education system, from preschool to university lecturing.

A graduate of the Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training, Alison is now exclusively working to share her skills and passion.

Lee Evans Msc.

Partner Acrobatics Coach

For the past 5 years Lee has dedicated himself to training and developing his acroyoga and basing skills.  He brings a light hearted approach with attention to detail and will help you develop your practise and refine your technique.

“Partner acrobatics has brought an essential balance to my lifestyle and is a perfect complement to modern living. I love teaching and sharing what we’ve learnt and seeing others achieve things they never thought possible.”

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